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Welcome to KRI.

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Korea Research Initiatives (KRI) at UNSW is a leading international research hub for Korean Studies in Australasia and Southeast Asia.

KRI is located at UNSW Sydney. It conducts interdisciplinary research through its collaborative research networks across Australasia, Korea and Southeast Asia. It has made a major impact in developing Korean Studies in Southeast Asia by forming active partnerships with leading universities and governments.  

Associated schools, institutes & centres

About us

Korea Research Initiatives at UNSW (KRI), began its operation as the Korea-Australasia Research Centre (KAREC) in June 2000. In recognition of its outstanding contributions and successful operation, KAREC became the Korea Research Institute (KRI) in 2011.

Our research

KRI conducts research projects in all areas of Korean Studies but with specialisations within Political Studies, Economics, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Language and History. Within its disciplinary specialisations, KRI specifically identified four key inter-disciplinary research areas:

  • Politics and Public Administration.
  • Economic Development and International Business.
  • Society, Culture and Cultural Industries. 
  • Korean Language Education and Linguistics.

Contact us

Korea Research Initiatives, Room 1015, Level 1, East Wing, Quadrangle Building, High Street, UNSW, Kensington, NSW 2033.