Free counselling support is available for all currently enrolled UNSW Canberra students. This includes all Civilian Students (Undergraduate, DCUS, Masters, MPhil, and PhD) as well as Defence Students (Ӱ̳ Trainee Officers and Advanced Students).

Prioritising health and wellbeing

Looking after your health and wellbeing is essential to your journeyatUNSW Canberra. The Student Counselling Services are available Monday-Friday to provideconfidential support. Our team of clinical psychologists (student counsellors) offer individual counselling and psychological services sessions, workshops, and wellbeing support.

Both face-to-face as well as virtual (via Zoom) sessions are available. Face-to-face sessions will be available on certain days of the week (informed by individual student counsellors’ schedules, clinical need, and availability) under COVID-safe practices. Virtual sessions are available Mondays-Fridays. Whilst we will attempt to accommodate all preferences, this may not always be possible.

What can the student counsellors help with?

An individual’s mental health sits along a continuum, with good mental health at one end and poor mental health at the other. Everyone is positioned somewhere on this continuum and their position on the continuum will shift throughout different times.

We can assist with any topics that can affect one's mental health, such as:

  • academic or training pressures
  • time management, including the balance between study, training, employment and family life
  • confidence and self-esteem issues
  • motivation or procrastination problems
  • adjustment to living in a new location, a new lifestyle, as well as cultural transitions
  • stresses relating to fieldwork, study or training
  • perfectionism
  • decision-making and important life choices
  • emotional challenges.
  • healthconcerns for self or a loved one
  • concerns relating to supervision, colleagues or professional personnel
  • relationshipand/or family issues
  • apprehensivefuture thinking.