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We have a supportive and collaborative community dedicated to developing future global leaders and working with Defence and other industries to make deep links for ground-breaking discoveries. We can advise on potential access to Commonwealth and state-level funding dedicated to supporting collaborations between industry partners and universities. We have expertise and experience working with our research partners, from conception through to commercialisation.

Explore how you can partner with UNSW Canberra to facilitate knowledge transfer and scale the impact of your organisation.


The ARC Linkage Program is a funding scheme that enables external partner¬†organisations¬†to undertake collaborative research projects with UNSW Canberra at –”į…¬ŘŐ≥.Őż

The program supports research projects with industry, government, defence, and community organisations. It’s designed to advance Australian research and innovation globally to benefit the broader Australian community. The scheme works alongside researchers to apply advanced knowledge to answer questions and solve problems.  

Grant funding is predominantly provided by the ARC, with partner organisations providing a mix of cash and in-kind support. Almost all public, private, community, government and not-for-profit organisations are eligible as partner organisations, provided they are not primarily funded for research or research-related activities by government.Őż

Deadlines & eligibility advice

For important dates, compliance and eligibility advice, please see¬†.ŐżŐż

Further information 

The CRC Program supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers, and the community.ŐżWith an¬†emphasis on¬†solving industry-identified problems through outcome-focused research partnerships, the CRC Program aims to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.Őż

The CRC Program offers support to industry, research and the community through two grants: 

  • ¬†- to support medium to long term industry-led collaborative research, up to 10 years.Őż

  • ¬†- to support short term, industry-led collaborative research, up to three¬†years.Őż

For support with CRC Program application and administration contact the Research Strategy Office at linkage.RSO@unsw.edu.au

Innovation Connections allows the research sector to be matched with relevant businesses to undertake collaborative research projects, leading to imaginative solutions to business development challenges.

As part of the Australian Government‚Äôs National Innovation and Science Agenda Entrepreneurs'¬†Program, the Innovation Connections Grant scheme is a facilitation service to encourage and assist small and medium businesses to access knowledge, engage with researchers, and foster innovation. Following a facilitated service, your business may seek matched financial assistance in the form of an¬†.Őż

Up to $50,000¬†of¬†funding is available from the Australian Government, to be matched by an eligible Australian company, for a project up to 12 months duration. Company eligibility is based on turnover/expenditure ‚Äď between $1.5 and $100 million. The company must operate in a defined sector:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Food and agribusiness
  • Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals
  • Mining equipment, technology¬†and services
  • Oil, gas¬†and energy
  • Enabling technologies and services of the sectors listed above.Őż

This scheme is ideal as a prelude to an ARC Linkage proposal, or for a component of a Linkage proposal that may not have been funded in the recent round, with a view to a future re-submission.Őż

The NSW Government‚Äôs¬†TechVouchers Scheme¬†aims to facilitate research collaborations between small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) incorporated in NSW and research¬†organisations¬†like UNSW Canberra.ŐżTechVouchers¬†up to a value of $15,000 are available to companies interested in accessing research and development expertise to enhance or validate their products and services.ŐżTechVouchers¬†can be used to fund product or process design, technical assistance, product trials¬†and collaborative research projects.Őż

Eligible businesses can use a TechVoucher to: 

  • seed a research project in partnership with a‚ÄĮ¬†(BBIP) delivery partner¬†

  • support a research project that will lead to an application for an Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme Research Connections or Accelerating Commercialisation, or¬†another¬†similar scheme¬†

  • fund product or process design activities, such as engineering or technical design expertise to determine prototype structure, function, and or materials¬†

  • access technical assistance¬†

  • trial production runs or processes to demonstrate technical concepts¬†

  • validate or demonstrate technical capabilities of a product, process, or technology¬†

In order to be eligible, companies must: 

  • be incorporated in NSW¬†

  • have fewer than 200 employees¬†

  • turnover less than AU$30 million per annum¬†

  • have been in operation for at least one year¬†

  • be able to demonstrate the ability to match the applicable voucher amount in cash¬†

  • conduct¬†the majority of¬†the proposed activities in NSW, in partnership with a BBIP delivery partner.

Further details regarding eligibility¬†and funding are available at the¬†¬†website.Őż ¬†

The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) aims to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by supporting innovative, industry-driven research into pressing cybersecurity problems.Őż

We're looking for talented PhD and Master by Research candidates, and¬†honours¬†students to join our team in solving challenging problems across all areas in cybersecurity ‚Ästfrom¬†technical¬†to¬†human aspects. Potential postdoctoral research fellows may also be interested in developing research proposals with the team for consideration.Őż

Successful candidates will be awarded a CSCRC graduate research scholarship or postdoctoral research fellowship.ŐżŐż

Key details


Applications accepted on a continuous basis 


Dependent upon chosen program 

Up to $50,000 per annum for PhD and MRes students  

Up to $113,138 per annum for postdoctoral research fellowships  

Ī įýī«≤Ķįý≤Ļ≥ĺ/≤ű:Őż

PhD; Masters by Research (MRes); Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (PDoc) 


Australian Citizen 

Australian Permanent Residents 

Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders 

International students from other 5-Eyes countries (US, UK, Canada, New Zealand) [1] 


Dependent upon chosen program 

Owning School/Centre: 

UNSW Canberra Cyber 

Primary Contact: 

  • PhD:¬†A candidate for the degree shall have been awarded an appropriate degree of Bachelor with¬†Honours¬†from the University of New South Wales or a qualification considered equivalent from another university or tertiary institution at a level acceptable to the UNSW Canberra Higher Degree Committee.Őż
  • MRes:¬†A candidate for the degree shall have been awarded at a standard¬†not below¬†Honours¬†Class 2 an appropriate degree of Bachelor from the University of New South Wales or a qualification considered equivalent from another university or tertiary institution.Őż
  • PDoc:¬†A PhD (or soon to be awarded) in a relevant discipline area, such as computer science, cybersecurity, electrical engineering, information technology, communication engineering, or similar.
  • In exceptional cases, an applicant who submits evidence of such other academic and professional qualifications may be approved by the committee to be permitted to¬†enrol¬†for the degree.Őż

In the first instance, prospective applicants should discuss their qualifications and research proposal with UNSW Canberra Cyber’s Director of Research, Professor Monica Whitty. In addition to an Expression of Interest (EOI), you will also need to provide: 

  • a 2-page¬†CV¬†
  • copies of your academic transcripts¬†
  • a research proposal that aligns with one of the above mentioned CSCRC Research Themes¬†
  • a one-page statement outlining which CSCRC Scholarship Category (outlined above) you are seeking to apply for, and why you would be a suitable CSCRC Scholar.Őż

For further information relating to admission requirements for High Degree by Research programs and program application deadlines for UNSW Canberra, please visit Postgraduate Research.

Visit the¬†¬†website for more information about the¬†organisation.Őż

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In addition to these research funding opportunities, UNSW offers a wide range of scholarships and funding to both domestic and international students at all levels of study.Őż

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