Public Partnerships and Impact Hub

We deliver bespoke services meeting the capability needs of the public sector.

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The UNSW Public Partnerships and Impact Hub delivers bespoke services that meet the real capability needs of today's public sector. As political leaders prioritise a stronger public sector, we work with government and non-government partners to deliver services, learning and capability building that will help achieve that goal.

The Hub's group of experts has extensive experience in public sector leadership and capability building and delivers:

  • the teaching of professional short courses through to Masters
  • services that build internal resources to tackle policy challenges
  • international research into today’s public sector priorities.

We are a key point of contact between the UNSW network of expertise and your contemporary policy problems, which allows us to draw on our policy acumen, educational expertise and research insight to deliver genuine partnership solutions.

UNSW Public Partnerships and Impact Hub

The UNSW Public Partnerships and Impact Hub is a connection between the contemporary policy needs of Australian public sector leaders and UNSW’s large network of public sector expertise. We're a coordinated point of contact through which UNSW offers its educational expertise, experience in capability building, and recognised credentials to support the contemporary needs of the public sector.

UNSW knows that today’s policy dilemmas span more than single departments, directorates, sectors, levels of government, and nations. We also know that despite ongoing efforts to tackle these challenges, the readiness and consistency across the public sector remains unclear. As a result, there is currently a great deal of public attention on the public sector’s capabilities, innovation, integrity, and inclusion, as well as a shift from using external consultancies to harnessing internal capacity and capability. The Hub has been developed to help respond to these challenges.

At the Hub, we flip the focus from the university to its partners. We’re different because, through a co-design process, we take the time to engage with and learn what leaders in the public sector want and need from their people. We then design material and educational offerings to meet those specific needs.

We’re making co-production the foundation of the Hub as we want to champion the expertise of public sector leaders, utilising their lived experience to inform the services we offer. This process ensures that we place the current and future needs of the public sector at the core of all our work.

Our services

The UNSW Public Partnerships and Impact Hub will partner with government and non-government leaders to help build their capability through:

  • Bespoke professional short courses, which can be taken alone or banded together for graduate or Masters qualifications.
  • Tailored service partnerships that utilise UNSW expertise to tackle current policy challenges, while using UNSW's educational experience to build your team’s capability.
  • Access to evidence-based work by international leaders into how the public sector can respond to calls for better engagement of a more assertive and diverse citizenry.
  • Use of the John Howard Library Research Room in Old Parliament House for Hub partners and Masters students.

Our people

Our vibrant and diverse team are global leaders in public policy. Learn more about our professors, industry experts, research associates and more.   

Contact us

Email or call Professor Brenton Prosser

Phone: 0411 100 465