Canberra is one of the top cities in Australia for livability and is a popular hub for many uni students. Here you can discover the range of accommodation options when studying at Canberra city campus.

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Accommodation for Canberra city campus students

  • If you are looking for housing options, please contact students@canberra.unsw.edu.au and we will be happy to help you find some appropriate options.

  • Securing rental properties in Canberra can be difficult and time-consuming due to the high demand and limited availability of housing.

    We do not recommend that you book long-term accommodation without inspecting the property. Most students will aim to arrive as close to the term start as possible and therefore competition for rental properties will be higher during that period.

    Temporary accommodation is known as short-term stay. Ideally, if you can secure a property without an end/finish date, this is ideal, so you don’t have the added stress of a deadline.

    The below properties offer short-term & long-term accommodation:

  • If you would prefer to secure long-term accommodation (usually 12+ months), there are a few things to be aware of.To secure a rental property in Canberra you will need the below:

    • Inspect the property yourself or someone on your behalf
    • BOND: 4 x weeks rent (this is held by ACT Bonds until you vacate and is used for any damages or lost rent)
    • RENT: usually 2-4 weeks rent in advance is required when signing a lease agreement

    We recommend applying for the property as soon as you can to ensure the real estate agency has enough time to process your application before the open home. When applying for a property you will need the below to support your application:

    • Photo ID – Passport, Drivers Licenceetc.
    • Summary of your bank account/s. This is supporting evidence for funding your rental property.
    • A letter of guarantor (A parent who is willing to support any financial issues/cover the cost of rent). This guarantor might also be asked to sign the lease agreement
    • A letter of your work and/or study/scholarship arrangement in Australia

    You will not be offered a rental property or be able to sign a lease agreement unless you or someone acting on your behalfinspects the property first. If you have friends/family who can do this on your behalf this is best however there are also services in Canberra that you can pay to inspect the property on your behalf and provide you with a report.

  • Long-term rental accommodation can be found using the websites provided below. You can choose to register with these sites to receive notifications of properties that match your specified criteria, i.e.1 bed 1 bath $350-500 per week, you will then be automatically updated:

    • and search forAccommodation
    • Australia’s biggest shared accommodation -
    • iView Rentals Canberra

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